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Whether you're a local resident, business owner, or visitor to the area, there are many ways to get involved in Harrison-Agassiz Love Local Shop Local.

Ways to #ShopSasquatch

Here are 8 ways you can Love Local Shop Local in your community.

Shop in store

Bricks and mortar storefronts keep people employed and contribute taxes to the economy. When you shop in-person you save yourself money (no shipping costs, for example) and help keep small businesses open.

Buy local online

In 2020, 82% of Canadians spent $84.4 billion online (Source) and 56% of Canadian online shoppers bought from large American companies (Source). Shop online from the comfort of your home from a local business and support the whole of the Canadian economy.

Attend an event

Attend a Love Local Shop Local event and show your support for local. Events are a great way to meet small business owners, get to know their products and services, and (sometimes) enjoy perks for attending events.

Travel locally

Love Local Shop Local is as much a shopping and gift giving initiative as it is a push to boost tourism. Take a day, weekend, or week-long trip to a participating community, see more of the region and province, and help boost local tourism.

Eat local

There are ~17,500 farms in B.C. and 98% of them are family-owned (Source). The province’s agrifood sector is second largest only to forestry (Source) and employs over 80K people. The restaurant industry comes in third employing 192,700 people, or 7.5% of B.C.’s workforce (Source). The takeaway: it pays to put local on your table and in your belly.

Buy locally-made

B.C. is a hub for art and manufacturing. There are over 4K working artists and over 167K manufacturing employees in the province (Source & Source). When you buy locally-made goods and art, you’re helping to bolster the arts and manufacturing industries.

Become a participating business

We exist to increase exposure of the business owners and artists that live and work in the Harrison River Valley. Gain exposure for your work by becoming a Love Local Shop Local participating business.

Show your love of local

Local businesses count on recommendations and customer reviews for their word-of-mouth marketing. Support them by:

  • Following them on social media,
  • Tagging posts related to their business with #ShopSasquatch #BCshoplocal,
  • Recommending them to friends and family, and 
  • Reviewing them online.

Bonus: Report a Sasquatch Sighting

Sasquatch seems to have nothing to do with supporting local, but that’s not true. Anything that builds excitement for the Harrison-Agassiz area and builds tourism is a good thing. Be the next person to report a Sasquatch sighting! (Seriously. Kinda.) 

Upcoming Events

Our Harrison-Agassiz Love Local Shop Local events invite you to take part in community. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to the area, or Sasquatch herself, join us in celebration of local business.

Our Love Local Shop Local Funders

The Shop Sasquatch website and promotional activities are supported by the Government of Canada’s Strategic Activities Program, administered by the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and delivered through the BC Chamber of Commerce.

Show your love of local

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The best part: you’ll be supporting local business in your community!